YRAC Application Deadline

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Funding Deadlines
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Friday, April 13, 2018
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This event occurs in the UTC time zone.


The Yukon Recreation Advisory Committee adjudicates funding for Yukon Special Recreation Groups. The funding is
provided by Lotteries Yukon and the Sport & Recreation Branch of the Government of Yukon.

Grant funding is structured to allow Yukon Special Recreation Groups flexibility in their use of funds, while maintaining
accountability and permitting evaluation of their efforts and accomplishments in meeting their goals and objectives.

The YRAC Grant Profile, Application and supporting documentation are key elements in the funding process. This
information is very important to enable the Yukon Recreation Advisory Committee to make fair and equitable funding
decisions. For this reason it is important to ensure completeness and accuracy of the information.

The Grant Application Checklist makes provision for noting certain documents and information that may not change from
year to year and can be filed with the Branch and updated as changes occur. If you wish to use information provided last
year please contact us in advance to confirm that we have the information.

Yukon Special Recreation Groups should present their organization’s plans and objectives in the five principal areas of funding:
1. Administration/Organization Development
2. Participant Development
3. Leadership Development
4. Special Project/Community Development
5. Facility Operations & Maintenance (if applicable)
In addition, we want to see how your organization has progressed in the area of policy development, specifically:
1. Code of Conduct
2. Access and Equity
3. Conflict of Interest
4. Harassment and Abuse
5. Volunteer Screening

The Sport and Recreation Branch requires YSRG to have a number of policies and that they be kept on file at the branch.
It is the responsibility of YSRG to review and update these policies.